The Italian economy is made mostly by successful family businesses, but with an organisational structure that frequently penalises themselves if compared to international competitors more diversified and globalised.

Most of the Italian SMEs are currently requiring support and assistance to go through a “conservative change” process and to implement their internal organizational structure.

Execo consulting is able to assist owners and management in the changing process, providing specific actions in targeted areas or offering temporary management solutions with the goal of transferring the relevant skills to the new company organization during the project.

Key Areas:

  • HR/Governance: support in key people’s evaluation, organisation re-design, team building, training

  • Business: implementation of commercial, industrial, marketing & communication plan

  • Operations: business processes optimization to gain efficiency, to improve quality and to reduce costs.

  • M&A: identification of investment targets, setting of strategic partnerships, takeover, management of corporate and cultural integration process


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