Going global

The right market for the right products

Internationalization consulting + Global growth + Strategic Planning + Profitability analysis + Investment Support


After a period that have seen Italian SME focus on Far East, now is noticeable a renovate interest in North-American market and a greater curiosity to African continent.

The Global Market Offers great opportunities to Companies but it is not easy to approach and there is an amazing competition. The company management needs to clearly understand how to handle a new market and where the company needs to be focused implementing a successful strategy.


How big is the market? – Who are the main competitors? – What are the distribution channels and processes?


Does the product fit the market? – Is the cost compatible with the market? – What is the baseline cost? Do I need specific certifications? - Do I need to build a sales network?

Organisational Strategy

Is my internal organization ready to support, control, manage these new processes? – Is it better to export the product or to produce it locally? – How can I grow faster? Greenfield, brownfield, partnership, acquisition?

Execo Support

Execo consulting can assist companies in their internationalization process providing specific actions in targeted areas or offering temporary management solutions. Execo is able to offer a turn key service to secure the achieving of costs and timing targets as planned.

A final goal is to transfer the relevant skills to the company team at the conclusion of the project and to encourage the integration of the corporate culture in the new market.
  • Definition of the strategic entry plan
  • Verification of the plan consistency with the market
  • Business development, mkt, communication plan Implementation
  • Profitability analysis
  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Optimisation of business processes and organisation implementation
  • Implementation of M&A projects
  • Identification of the most appropriate financial structure to support the investments
  • Identification of available incentives and grants
Moreover, once the company has decided to approach a new market, the day by day management of the start-up phase is key to ensure the success of the endeavour.

Execo, with an emphasis on providing hands-on customized services, can also manage the back office in outsourcing, using an extensive network of trusted partners and professionals, and is able to support the company to overcome the obstacles coming from different laws and regulations and to contain operative costs.


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