knowledge & experience

Supply Chain

  • Logistic model implementation
    Wherahouse Logistic
    Distribution logistic and disposal logistic
    Logistic technologies
    Procurament logistic
    Supply logistic and supply strategy

  • People training
    Activity mapping
    Skills Evaluation
    Descriptive cards
    Training Evaluation
    Matrix update
  • Supplier management
    Key suppliers selection
    Planning and control
    Qualification and certification
    Process integration

  • Logistic service outsourcing
    Analysis of the actual situation
    Internal optimization of flows and processes
    Definition of the processes to be outsourced
    Preparation and launch of the tender
    Evaluation of logistic operators and assignment of the contract
    Tiling in the transition


Going global

The right market for the right products



The right integration to boost the growth



The Italian model to success


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